Airborne Athletics Sapulpa Gymnastics

Our tumbling program is offered to children 6 years to 18 years of age.  The program is designed to teach beginning to advance tumbling skills, as well as strength and flexibility.  Athletes must be evaluated and have an instructors recommendation to move through our tumbling levels.

Beginner Tumble Level-1

This is a beginner class that will teach the basic fundamentals of tumbling. Athletes in this class will work on basic progressions: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstand drills, cartwheels, and round-offs.  Strength and flexibility will be focused on in each class and instructors will assist each athlete with hands-on spotting techniques to ensure proper body positions.

Advanced Beginner Tumble Level-2

Athletes must be able to do standing backbend to enroll in this class.  This class is designed for athletes who have mastered the basic tumbling skills (Level 1) and are ready to move on.  The skills in this class are front walkovers, back walkovers, cartwheels, power hurdle, and a two-step entry into a round-off.  Strength, conditioning, and flexibility will also be taught during each class.  Athletes must have all Level-2 skills to progress to a Level- 3 tumbling class.

Intermediate Tumble Level-3

Athletes must be able to perform a backbend kick-over and working on front and back walkovers.  Athletes should have mastered the Level-1 and Level-2 skill requirements.  This class will introduce front and back handsprings, round-off connections, and standing front and back walkover connections.  Drills, circuit work, and instructors spotting stations will be used for the instruction of the back handspring and front handsprings.  Athletes must have all Level 1-3 skills mastered to progress to Level-4. (Must master a round-off back handspring)

Advanced Tumble Level-4

Athletes must be able to perform a back handspring and a round-off back handspring without assistance.  This class will teach combination tumbling, multiple back handspring connections from a round-off, front handspring to round-off entry, back handspring step out and tumbling connections, and front and back tucks.  This class will also focus on the standing back tuck and round-off back handspring back tuck.